Kind of impressed with Rokinon 14mm

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Re: Kind of impressed with Rokinon 14mm

Segaman wrote:

Would like to see more pics, if possible.
I used to have the Tokina 11-16 II on my canon 5D.
It did not seemed to touch the mirror, so I had some vignetting that I PP with ligthroom.

You do have to focus manually?

Night shots? Here are a couple. I suspect that they're not what you were contemplating, but I was pretty happy with the lens for shooting fireworks.

The lens is entirely mechanical on Canon, so focus, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO has to be set manually. These were 5 second exposures at f/8-f/10 and ISO100, so getting focus right was the only real concern. Note that the distance meter on the lens is off. Setting it to infinity will give you nothing in focus. However, it helps that infinity starts at from 7-10 feet, so it's easy to set it after a few test shots (note any blur you see is due to motion, 5-sec exposures, not missed focus). I have the Nikon version as well--B&H was selling them for under $300 earlier this year. That version has focus confirmation (not accurate) and electronics that allow aperture adjustments by the camera. With this lens, that's not critical.

Images are very good. However, the Achilles heel is distortion.

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