Kind of impressed with Rokinon 14mm

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Re: Kind of impressed with Rokinon 14mm

Yes, the lens is quite remarkable. Especially considering its price (something like 280€ new in France).

For night shots, it's just the best lens i've ever used (and i've used a few, from the Tokina 11-16 to the tamron 17-50, Sigma 10-20, Voigtlander 20mm, etc..). It's sharp, almost no coma or astigmatism and all that wide open. Truly remarkable. (an example here :tiny northern lights on a 6D)

For the focusing issue, you can always glue a chip on the barrel of the lens. You can find some on ebay for something like 12€-20€ (look for dandelion chips). It doesn't make the lens autofocus, don't dream. But it'll allow the DSLR to confirm focus (and you can program your Exifs on the chip

The calibration of the focus confirm is a bit of a pain (well, if you have any experience with AFMA, it's pretty much the same process) and if you're as good as me with your hands (which is to say : totally incapable of driving a nail in a wall without hitting his thumb...:) the chip installation can take around half an hour. But after that, it's all good and it's reliable (even in the semi-darkness of the Nazaride palace : Inside the Nazaride palace).

Only thing to be watchful for is that the 6D isn't really at ease with focus confirm when you're at f/8 and above on the lens. That said, at f/8 your DOF is so wide that missing the shot is difficult.

Only issue i got with it was the aperture that stopped working after 2 weeks. Since the dealer's guarantee would have taken 5 weeks and i needed the lens 2 weeks after, I opened the lens. The aperture ring is connected to the iris by 2 slim cables and one of those was loose. I just put its end loop back where it belonged and the lens is working fine ever since (6 months and counting.


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