I just don't use my Nikons at all...

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I just don't use my Nikons at all...

I'm just musing on this -

Firstly I'm a professional wedding photographer.

I sold my Nikon D800 and all of the lenses.

I kept a D600 and 50mm as a back up to my Fuji System - I thought I'd use it perhaps for the first dance photographs and I was initially right that I needed the optical VF in the dark. The X-T1 can't handle a dark room.

But The X100s Can, and is especially good with off camera flash or even a video light. I suspect the tele converter (when I get it) will be enough to wipe out the need for the Nikon

The D600 is literally in a bag, waiting to get used and perhaps only gets used for maybe 20 or 30 frames if at all. It's become a rather expensive toy to own - it's definitely not earning it's keep.

So my kit bag is:

XT1 /56mm


XE1 /27mm

X100s with Wide converter.


Batteries. (lots of those)

1 Dusty Nikon.

I'm one step away from killing the Nikon off completely, although it does rock in the studio when I need it, and it's great for catching up with fast moving kid's portraits.

Still, while I initially couldn't let go of my Nikons the sentiment didn't last long. I now really get no enjoyment from using the SLRs - for me the advantages of Fuji X are very real and my way of shooting has changed for the better.

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