Have Nikon shafted Pro DX users?

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Have Nikon shafted Pro DX users?

There is such a thing as pro DX users and Im one of them, I simply love the DX way of life!
FACT All Nikon pro gear used to be DX.
I bought into the DX system and a range of top quality DX lenses.
Nikon told us that DX was the format of the future and was here to stay.
I would not have buy lenses that would last for ever if Nikon would have told me that I would have to sell them all off, secondhand, in afew years time. Because...
Presently, Nikon are telling us all that if we want pro equipment we must sell all of our DX gear and switch over to FX.
Then the D400 will be announced and guess what, the picture quality will be the same as the D4 (if you dont need to take pictures in the dark) and those of us who like the DX format, but switched to FX, can now buy back into DX with a shiny new D400 and of course re-buy a range of DX lenses again.
We are not going to hesitate in doing this because the quality of the new generation of DX will be just knockout. If they can put 36 m pixels on a 35mm size chip (full frame?) then imagine what can be done on a DX sensor these days, when its known that 16 to 24 m pixels is all that the photographer wants.
And just a footnote..it will take alot to get me to part with my, now second, d300. I can not fault it in any way, it does what I want, wonderful quality, as many pixels as i need. Nikon have done me a favour not releasing a D400, I would have been rushing to buy one if it were a couple of years ago but they gave me time to really get to know what my D300 is capable of

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