Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Charity, the essence of marketing

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Only I can write now is that you will be pleasantly surprised because Pentax FF will be unlike any other FF on the market, as stated by Mr Kawauchi of Ricoh Imaging in his 2013 interview.

This "unlike any other FF on the market" is an interpretation based on a translation from a foreign language. It's not easy to keep the meaning intact, when going from Japanese to English.

Don't put too much weight on it. It will most likely be a typical Pentax product, and that would be great news for me.


One more reason for it is that Ricoh Imaging and Pentax in particular did not want to go into that market segment for obvious reasons. But the user's demand for an FF camera, despite their wishes, was as such that the project was supported.

Can we say the FF from Pentax will come as an act of good will, charity and desire to please loyal customers, and not to compete directly in the market with others. The motives for it are different, and therefore it is reasonable to expect a very unique camera. I think that is important to understand.

Hmm... nope. Neither Ricoh Imaging nor anybody else is in this business for charity.


I think it's a language barrier. Charity means benevolent feeling, especially toward those in need or in disfavour. That is the essence of marketing — recognising market's (or one of its segment's) needs and acting in such way to fulfil such needs.

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