What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: I just checked Oly's website

Great Bustard wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

But I'll absolutely POSITIVELY never buy any m.4/3 lenses

May I ask why not? Many of the mFT lenses seem to be quite outstanding.

yes, agreed the m.zuikos are by all accounts very nice indeed, and if I was just now moving from my old OM film system I'd almost certainly be going OMD . . .
But I moved to Oly 4/3 long time ago and I now have every focal length that I need.
I have all of the Zuiko 4/3 primes except for the 25mm, plus the 9-18, 12-60 and both 50-200 plus some others less worthy of mention.

If Oly doesn't provide a m.4/3 body capable of doing AF with my 4/3 lenses to my satisfaction, and with the handling and battery life that I want, then I'll not be buying an OMD. If they do, then I'll not be wanting any m.4/3 glass. Either way = no m.4/3 glass. I'd rather spend $ on my Canon system. At least there I have many more native options, plus Sigma and Tokina.


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