A6000 or NEX-6 and the digital zoom options (Advice Needed)

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A6000 or NEX-6 and the digital zoom options (Advice Needed)


I'm in NYC for vacation and I'm seriously considering getting a new mirrorless camera to take back to France with me.  I'm going to B&H Friday to see them in person, and in the meantime I'm doing my homework.

I have a Nikon D300 that i really like but it rarely leaves the house.  I mainly use 30 1.4 & 85 1.4 primes with it, and for sports 50-150 2.8.  I'd like something new that does video but I am planning on keeping my D300 for portaits with the fast primes.  For example here in NY on vacation I took my little Canon compact Elph and seriously wish I had something better.

I've narrowed it down to the RX100, Sony A6000 (or NEX-6), and Samsung NX300.  With the latter two I'd get the 16-50 (18-55) kit lens + a 30mm prime (I love my Sigma 30 1.4 on my Nikon so I'd like to have a 2 lens kit that can do it all).  The Samsung is a lot cheaper, both the NX300 is cheaper than the A6000 and the 30mm f2 lens is cheaper than Sony's 30 1.8.  I'm sure the Sony is better but I don't need anything great since this will be more of a travel and sports camera (sports because I'd like to have video and more zoom).

Then I thought if I get the NEX-6 that would save quite a bit of money.  When I read the reviews at dpreview it seems the NEX-6 has some features that are better than the A6000 so it's a difficult choice to pay around 50% more for the A6000.

I love the Sony B&W in camera mode, which reminds me of my LX3 dynamic B&W mode.  That is pushing me towards the Sony(s).

Can someone explain how the digital zoom works?  I don't need high megapixels, in fact something around 6 would be fine.  So to get a digital zoom that crops which I have to set the camera to 6MP and then get 2x or 4x digital zoom?  I've searched for over an hour on this and it's not clear how it works.  I understand CIZ is upsizing it, this would make sense for say a stock photo agency or something but for me 6MP is really all I need.  What I'm wondering is this:  Can the digital zoom options give me the equivalent of a 18-200 zoom?  The 18-200 is around $750 and that is out of my budget.  Plus I'm worried it'd be too big and heavy.   So if I can use the 16-50 with 4x zoom and get 16-200 at 6MP that would be great.  It'd save me a lot of money & weight.

Thanks for reading and I welcome your advice.

Sony a6000 Sony Alpha NEX-6
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