Nikkor 14-24: Filters

Started Jul 17, 2014 | Discussions thread
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hypercore360 Contributing Member • Posts: 947
Nikkor 14-24: Filters

I have the 14-24, and love using it when ever possible. Thus far, I have not gone anywhere for me to use it for landscapes, but may be doing just that soon. When I bought this lens, I chose it for it's capabilities, but also knowing it's shortcomings (attaching filter systems that are expensive and not a lot of choices). All that is in the past. I've have the lens for two years now. I knowingly chose this over the Nikkor 16-35, or any other variant in this range. I am perfectly happy with the lens!

That being said, what options exist as far as filters:

- LEE SW-150: Yes, it's slightly more expensive than other systems. I am willing to spend the money to get this system, with filters, BUT they don't have a Big Stopper or Polarizer Filter. What gives?

- WonderPana 145: Because it uses Circular Filters, you can get a Polarizer and a 10stop ND filter for this system. To me, at least you can get the P, and ND (10stop), but not sure how good these filters are, at least as compared to the Lee Filters.

- HiTech Lecroit: Based on reviews, it seems the quality of the filters are pretty decent. Comparable price to the Lee filters.

- T-150 Holder (on Amazon): Haven't seen this before, but from the looks, maybe it has possibilities. No reviews of the product at this time though, so can't make a determination one way or the other.

So the thing is, for those of you that use the LEE SW-150, (1) what do you do with regards to using/not-using the Polarizer and the Big Stopper not being available; (2) Do you just not use it? (3) Do you use a filter (Polarizer & 10stop ND) by some other manufacturer?; (4) Do you rig up some other solution for the 10stop (i.e. a welding mask cut to 100x150), or something like that?

Just looking for a solution to the Polarizer / 10stop ND. More than likely, I'm just not finding an obvious solution that probably everyone else has figured out already.

Cheers and thanks for any reasonable input to this issue.

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