Lenses that work well with focal reducers?

Started Jul 17, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Lenses that work well with focal reducers?

Just curious about what lenses (if any) people have that work well with focal reducers/speed boosters/Lens Turbo's ETC?

Any that don't play nice?

I have the Light Cannon....failed speedbooster alternative now sold as a "soft focus adapter" and given away with the Excel+1 focal reducers.

Works well as a focal reducer but as a speed booster it is poor with most lenses wide open but can be ok stopped down a stop or two.

Was just playing around with my old Tamron adaptall 70-210 3.5 (model 19ah) a highly regarded old zoom and I actually think this lens might be useable with the Light Cannon even wide open! (as long as not being too critical).

Anyone have a 19ah and a "good" focal reducer like to try it?

This really does surprise me and means in a pinch I can use the lens as about a constant speed

2.5 or so 100-280mm (FF angle of view) zoom....even with the Light Cannon. Might well be very nice indeed with a decent focal reducer.

Any other lenses suggested?

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