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Re: RX10 v HX400 Examples from Trip

It handles really, really well. If I were to head to Tanzania tomorrow, it'd be the only camera in my bag.

1. Buy this book. I have mine sitting on my coffee table so I can check back to it from time to time. I'm starting to carry the RX100 or 10 everyday now.

2. Take it to a Zoo or anywhere with moving objects at dusk under low light and try snapping good shots. Our first morning trek I took 200 photos under really low light and the vast majority turned out useless because I was relying on auto settings. If you have blur/manual setting questions/etc. reference the above book again and you'll find answers which will lead to better shots.

3. Stability i.e. Use a compact monopod/Leverage the truck

I used a cheap monopod and had it resting on the seat (extended so the EVF was at eye height) and if I was standing I'd make sure I had it long enough to rest on the top of my belt. For time exposures a cheap and light tripod.

You don't need the above but I don't think many of the shots would have come out as clear, even the daylight high speed one, if I hadn't had three connecting/planting points at all times. If the vehicles you're in allow you to rest an elbow here.

Also, here's the sling I used , it worked great.

4. Filters. This camera doesn't need any but I grabbed two and was pretty happy with their performance.


Moose Polarizer

5. 30 lbs is more than you might think.

We both carried 90L duffel bags  that weighed in at 30 lbs and we realized we severely over packed. There were many shirts/pants I never wore over the two weeks we were there.

If I had to do it again, For a two week trip = I'd buy a 50L Duffel - 2 linen button down shirts, 3x undershirts, 2 pairs of Give-N-Gos, 2 Pairs of Wool Socks, 2 pairs of Cotton socks, 1x Cargo Pants, 1x Cargo Shorts, 1x Fleece Hoodie, 1x Hat, 1x Packable Waterproof Jacket, 1x Tom Tom type Slip Ons, 1x Comfortable Boots

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