What I like and don't like about the Quattro

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What I like and don't like about the Quattro

Things I don't like:

Still magenta blotching. I did a series of comparisons and it is not better than the M. I don't shoot high ISO so I don't mind but it was a surprise.

Noise: I am not sure if it is better than the Merrill (as advertised).

Clouds in JPEG OOC tend to be on the bright side. I can see areas where the is no texture yet the RGB/LAB numbers do not show it to be blown out. This is what generally happens when you blow out an area and then bring the luminosity down. The DP/M series did this even worse with JPEGS OOC.

Picture Settings: I assume they (Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness) are gone as I can't find them. Since the JPEGs are very usable, it would be nice to have them as options.

The need to hold the shutter button down until all 3 shots are taken when doing auto-bracketing. The camera knows you want to do 3 shots so you should not have to hold the shutter down the whole time. With long exposures (especially fireworks) it introduces blurring due to the inability to keep the pressure the same the whole time. If you don't hold it down, it stops at the shot where you let up on the shutter.

The cover on the memory card compartment. For people with thick fingers and no nails (that is not me though) it may be difficult.

Often cannot produce the detail the Merrill can. It would be great to have a M/Q on off switch on one camera


Here is what I like about it:

The design with the thumb grip in the back

The better battery life

The layout of the controls -much improved. I especially like the two wheels on the top right for EV adjustment and f-stop (in "A"). I always had a hard time remembering to set the histogram on and use it. Now, I use it for every shot as my finger is right where it needs to be to change it and it is a small graphic and off to the side of the lcd.

The customizable setting feature which I was always too lazy to use

The level

The (relatively) quick time from shoot to end of writing (4-5 sec with Sandisk 95mb)

The more accurate color than the Merrill -  not always but enough to be a positive

The lens shade design and the way it recesses into the body when stored

The new Quick Set menu display

The great portraits that it produces

JPEGs OOC - everyone is commenting positively about them. Very much improved.

Rendition of skies and grass as a rule is better than the Merrill.

The less work that is needed to produce the final image.

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