Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

I've no preference really but in any case I don't think "FF?" is the big question now. It is 2-3 years too late for that at the least. The question is how best to run a profitable business in a constrained market when there is simply no way you can match the resources or activity of some of your competitors. I mean there is just no way that Pentax can match Canon or Nikon's portfolios of bodies, lenses and other products, Sony's relentless programme of new releases which showcase their entire group's technologies, or even Sigma's output of lenses. So Pentax (or Ricoh) has to find what it can do and then make sure that it does it very, very well - well enough to draw in enough new users and new spending to more than outweigh the loss of folks who do go off and invest in the competitors Pentax cannot match.

The question to my mind is whether Pentax can do that by sticking to the traditional mirror/OVF camera and no more. Maybe they can. But if they decide they can't and need to make a serious attempt at mirrorless cameras too, then I would say a new mirrorless offering on APS-C designed to be the start of a whole system is just as or more likely than what will inevitably be seen as a worthy, well-make but essentially "me-too" FF DSLR. Of course, who knows. None of us, I expect. I'm not trying to start yet another "mirrorless" thread either, just trying to suggest that "more of the same on the same mount" isn't likely to work indefinitely.

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