20mm f/2.8 options

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Re: 20mm f/2.8 options

Nigli wrote:

Hi all,

Just after the big move from Prague to Hamburg, my tripod was set up and two people whom I dearly love decided to play chasing around it. The inevitable happened, a tripod leg was tripped over and my beloved and just repaired FA 20mm f/2.8 went crack into two pieces.
I'm almost too embarrassed to return it to the shop for repairs.
I'm interested in options for a 30mm equiv and to this end have a question or two:
Has anyone used the FA 20 and the 20-40 ltd at f2.8; if yes, how do they compare?
Has anyone used the FA 20 and the 21 ltd: if yes, how do they compare at maximum aperture?
Any other prime suggestions for 20-24 mm/ 30-35 mm equiv that are small-ish? I'd even consider a Zeiss 25 mm in k mount.
Thanks for feedback.

maybe you have not read this:

"The Pentax SMC-FA 20mm f/2.8 is a pretty good lens but the current SMC-DA 21mm f/3.2 Limited is a little better all-in-all."




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