Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

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Re: Is this the year Pentax makes or breaks your FF dream?

Pentax just announced the XG-1 super zoom and, IMO, that is completely in line with what the Ricoh executive said about their future plans. (To capture the entry level camera market in India and Asia.) This camera might sell for equivalent of 150-250$ in those markets. Once they capture a significant portion of this market they'll try to move users (who like the products) up stream toward the higher end aps/c cameras. The Ricoh exec said something to the effect that aps/c will be 80% of the world camera market and this fact isn't lost on their staff.

Also looking at other manufacturers, even Canon, there has been a large fall off in new product releases. Canon had something like 12 lenses planned for 2014 release and the 7D was brought out in 2009? So far it is only 2-3 new lenses from them. Sony had big plans for new FE lenses but one clunker release (IMO 24-70 FE) and users seem to start pausing when asked to shell out big bucks for more new ones. I've even noticed a slow down with Sony (might pick back up by Photokina though).

With all the slow down in the big camera market what do I think we might see this fall:

Sony = 16-35FE and maybe a new ILCE

Canon new 7D and 100-400 L II

Pentax might see a new lens from the road map

Nikon D7200 and a lens or 2.

Actually, I'd be pretty happy to read about some of those if they turn out.


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