GX7 Blurry Images at High Shutter Speeds

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Re: Half press AF

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gugarci wrote:

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May be they still love the experience from Canon and have slight difficulty in adoption of using the lighter and smaller M43s.

I have no doubt that's also part of my issue. I can hold a large heavy body steadier compared to these smaller bodies. That's why when i bought the GX7 I was tempted by the GH3 & GH4. Anyway I have not seen these issue again and I've been taking randon test images everyday with the VR on at high shutter speed. When I used high shutter speeds with the VR on after I half press the shutter I hold for it for a second or 2 before I fire. Like that article i linked earlier mentions I'm trying to stabilize the stabilization.

gugarci, did you set the camera to focus priority shooting or shutter priority? If it's the latter, then the camera might have taken the shot before it fully focused. Even with focus priority, you may still want to half press until the green focus lock dot comes on before shooting. The 20 mm lens is a notoriously slow lens, I think it's possible that the camera triggered before the image is fully in focus.

Focus priority.

Oh, well.  Whatever it is, it does not seem like a frequent problem.  For me, on GX7, mechanical shutter seems to be the major source of image quality issue (outside of Aperture RAW processing).  Once that's taken care of, 95% of unexpected blurry picture went away.

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