More DF Fun and Thoughts

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More DF Fun and Thoughts

More Fun with the DF

So my next step with my DF is testing lenses. Today I tested the Sigma 50-500 and the Sigma 12-24’s. I returned to familiar places with lessons learned from yesterday’s outing. Keep in mind I am slowly waking up to remember things learned from years past.

So the Sigma 50-500 is faring better than I imagined on the DF. Here are two of the 10 shots I took this morning of a Young Heron perched on a branch. Its not what I really wanted, but Herons aren’t very open to coaching so you get what you get. Specifically I wanted to see what I could get if I was on a tripod, mirror locked up, ect.

The first is at ISO 100 with a slow shutter speed. I was seeing if I could maybe get a cool affect of the fog rolling on the water. Need an ND filter though and one loses significant sharpness. You’ll see that when we compare it to the next shot.

Heron 100 ISO

Next we have the shot I actually made first which was at ISO 1600. I believed I needed a greater shutter speed after yesterday’s slight blur and this was definitely validated in this one, it is significantly sharper despite the Sigma being a moderate compromise lens at best.

Heron ISO 1600

Next up was a test of the Sigma 12-24. I wondered how this lens might help me with a previous picture I was making and posted the other day. I am greatly looking forward to coming back to this place again with the D810 and trying a similar photo. You may not care for my processing on this one, however, sharpening was minimal and mostly the tones were manipulated for a richer color. I am actually fairly pleased with this other than I want this one when there are more interesting clouds or the moon is more visible again. These were done off a monopod and I believe that the tripod will be called for on the next attempt with mirror lockup.

Not sure which I like better, neither are long term keepers as I will go back and get the shot i really want.

You can poke around in this one if you want, I have left all these deliberately large in case you want to play. One note here, I believe I ran into the DF DR limit on these two, especially on the second one. Normally I under expose so I can squeeze in and preserve the highlights, this one got away, I was running a little late and needed to take these quickly. Still, this makes me more curious about how the D810 will perform on this similar shot.

The next two are reductions just for fun and were done with the Tamron SP 24-70 IF VC.

This one is a little cheesy, I just saw this walking out my front door and couldn’t resist. You can see a house in the background across the pond.

Same on this one, the fog was inviting!

In general, I have been also trying to read through the manual more to see if I am missing things and so that is a rather long process, kind of makes one sleepy!

Anyways, it will be interesting to see how I feel when the D810 shows up and I run through some of the same paces. As far as lenses go, you can look at my gear list here, but I think I will maybe add a Samyang 14MM and the Tamron 70-200 VC and call it quits on glass for a while. Especially if I keep the DF as I am confident I can make the pictures I want with the 2 Sigmas on that body and not have to replace them. Who knows, I may even sell the D810 as it may be entirely more camera than I need.

I hope you enjoyed the update and find something useful within. My bottom line experience here is that the controls are not limiting me, the sensor is ever so sweet, and the DF let’s me get more mileage out of my older glass. Maybe last but not least is its fun!

Happy Clicks!

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