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Not does depend on how steady one is, and whether a half a second was given for the OSS system to stabilize.  Those who tend to mash the shutter without a half-press confirm sometimes find OSS hadn't kicked in yet, or well enough.  And unfortunately, 24MP sensors are very unforgiving for even the smallest amount of shake.  So even at double of 1/focal shutter speed, you might still get some shake.

Also in that sample photo, looks to me like face detect didn't square on the face, so the camera resorted to what it's supposed to - focus on the part of the frame closest to the this case, in wide AF, it likely even grabbed the foreground and that rope in the bottom right corner - that is the most in-focus looking part of the shot, and with the least motion blur.

I honestly think the auto modes probably work just as well on P&S cameras as on DSLRs/mirrorless...but DSLR's/mirrorless are much less forgiving and much more difficult to get everything right - tiny sensors, huge DOF, and small focal length lenses with huge crop factors are much easier to get things right even if the focus isn't perfectly centered.  With a 24MP APS-C sensor, even with smaller apertures, everything's much more sensitive to the exact right focus, the exact right stability and stance, and so on.  I think that's why my stepfather does much better with the RX10 and its 1" sensor than the NEX3 and APS-C sensor.

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