Size file option "stuck" in Oly omd em10, any ideas why?

Started Jul 15, 2014 | Questions thread
pcb_dpr Contributing Member • Posts: 838
Re: Size file option "stuck" in Oly omd em10, any ideas why?

Hopefully the camera isn't broken, and the shop can sort it out for you. Typically a grayed-out menu option indicates the current camera settings won't allow use of that option, in this case shooting in raw. If a full reset doesn't fix the problem, that might indicate a mechanical control setting needs to be changed. But the EM10 control set is fairly simple, and I can't see or imagine any lever/switch/etc you could set that would preclude shooting in raw.

Usual suspects in this scenario would be drive mode settings, like a super high speed mode or bracketing/HDR modes. All absent on your EM10 body...

Please let us know what you find out.

necamo wrote:

I would just reset to factory settings. Then if it doesn't work you will know it's broken. I agree that it has something to do with the RAW settings.

I reset it already, still doesn't work. I'll bring it to the shop, it's really brand new...

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