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mosava wrote:

What is your opinion about the green and yellow auto modes?

I did just try the A6000, but own an A7, which is basically the same in this respect. I never use any Auto mode (even P actually) for the simple reason that the camera, unless the light is really good (which is almost never my case, we lack sun in Germany), sticks to 1/60s shutter speeds, which makes all the images of moving people a blurry mess, not to mention camera shake with longer lenses.

I mean, it's not that bad, but it's not really reliable. Please note that I'm a huge Sony fan boy and since my first NEX5 camera, I stuck with this company's cameras trough the NEX5N, A55, A7 and I'm about to get an A6000

I never used them, but then, I saw my wife's pictures, and they were bad! Soft and out of focus, not ONE good picture with i or i+! In a scene with people and trees about 5 meters behind, always missing the people, even with AF lock on...

This sounds more like user error (unless the shutter speed is too low). AF results are independent from the mode you use in my experience and usually good. I used to take plenty of images at parties using the NEX5N with the SEL16F28 and always had good results despite the low light. The A6000 is much better (tested last weekend) and though the tracking is not as good as I though it'd be, the AF is blazing fast and spot on on still/slow moving subjects.

Also, remember that i+ uses multiframe, this could be the culprit of blurry images if shot in low light without keeping the camera in position during all the shots.

In P mode, and the others, no problem.

Well, the auto modes are basically a pimped P mode. If this one works, the others should work too.

For me, the auto modes are absolutely useless!

some scene modes can be put to good use, for example the multi frame scenes.

I do not mind, as I always use manual focus lenses with S and auto ISO, but the question is: do I have a bad camera, or do you have the same problem and are waiting for some software upgrade?

I would check the auto modes to make images of still subjects and start from there, making sure to avoid camera shake using a tripod or putting the camera on a table or something. I believe this is user error.

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