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Re: Dear Mako.

PhotoKhan wrote:

It is very sad that you feel that you have to jump (very first reply, no less) into defending DPR each time this subject is ventilated.

It is doubly regrettable.

Firstly, because it shifts our perception from you being a moderator into being a curator of DPR interests.

Some might find this of less importance but the difference between a forum that is moderated for the sake of usability and one that is moderated as a measure of curtailing free speech is the difference between being leading one or just a sad "recycler" of humanity's lowest common denominator.

Secondly, because you're trying to defend the indefensible.

It is inexcusable that a site that has grown to be as relevant as this one is as failed to review such important offers from the leading DSLR manufacturer as the 1DMKIII and the 1DX.

its kinda true, cause some people have the dough to buy it, its double price of the 5d3, but usually those shooters use great lenses, and lots of nice comments are bout those cameras.

maybe DPR dońt have the experience in that fied, handling great cameras and great lens, they are used to the smaller stuff, voir les mirroless more and more.

like I said before, they are a few good sites out there, with great pros, like POTN, great to discover many things.

Being now backed by such a powerful entity as Amazon is, it is almost repulsive to read the amazing "It took canon months to get us a 1DX, and they didn't let us keep it long enough to do a full review." justification being referenced over and over again.

Sites which much lesser means (because they are not backed by an industry giant) have understood (and practice) what seems so difficult for DPR to:

Good, engaged and independent coverage of photographic gear (...or any consumer goods, for that matter...) does not wait for the gear to be handed-over on a silver plate but rather runs after it.


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