What Olympus actually promised:

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Re: I just checked Oly's website

rovingtim wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

erichK wrote:

Some may want to call them liars,

this news release was indeed nothing more than a blatant lie

Checking Olympus's UK home page ...


... there are no DSLR's at all. No E5. No E30. No E600.

same on Olympus Australia. The only reference here to the DSLR products is a mention within the 4/3 lens listing explaining what a 4/3 lens is, and links to E-Xx user manuals on the support page. Almost as if Oly is trying to hide that they ever existed

For most adults, going from three lines of DSLRs to no DSLR's generally means 'drastic reduction'. This is precisely what Olympus promised, using real words, would not happen.

Now I know that many of the fine people posting above will consider someone daring to note that Olympus no longer sells DSLRs as DOOM and GLOOM. It only focuses on the negative. Negative people should be banned from this forum. Right?

Well Tim, I'm all POSITIVE . . .

I'm POSITIVE thatt my cross-over into the world of Canon FF DSLR was a good move, and I spent $$$ ending up with a superb system that can do real C-AF tracking of birds in flight. 
I still have all of my Oly 4/3 gear and may buy an E-Mx someday if the AF with 4/3 lenses improves significantly. But I'll absolutely POSITIVELY never buy any m.4/3 lenses


(I look forward to more of your nuggets from your little personal realities)

But for the rest of us who are actually adults, Olympus's release was a lie. And actually, as I previously posted, this statement was a lie when it was originally released.

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