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Paul JM wrote:

It has all been said above, but consider whether in fact Canon is doing enough to maintain its 'old' presence on this or any other web site. Personally I think not.

To put matters in perspective, I have used Canon SLR since the EOS 630, and still own a 7D and a 5D2. I have a slew of lenses. I have also owned a number of Canon compacts

Personally, I am hardly using my Canon cameras currently, other than in specialised settings such as sports (7D) and underwater 5D2. Otherwise, when I look at the current line up, they are just more and more of the same, with little in the way of innovation or ground breaking features

Which other camera companies are doing, and on an ever increasing basis. Sick to death of lugging around a 5d with a 24-105 for day to day use, or travel,

got to be a man to use  a Canon dslr seriously i think for the kind of shooting you do its ok to use mirroless, but for action we really got to go with serious stuff, everytime i take my fuji, i wished i had my Canon for some action.

the original OP has been here 2 years and its is second post, what was the first one, i would like to know....

dpreview is connected with cant be impartial to canon

i use dpreview and other sites as well,  always good to have a few opinions before buying.

some other sites can review different aspects of photography.

there is also youtube.

my other question can someone have 20,000 or more in five to seven years, that is a lot.

even 10,000 is a lot of posts

I have bought both an Oly OMD (which is nice, but I dont really like the MFT sensor, just too small) and now a Fuji XE1, which I adore. Nicer shooting experience, APSc sensor, great light compact lenses etc. I am also seriously taken with the Sony A7R. I won't buy it (dont need it) but if I were entering the market today for travel, fine art, landscape etc, I cant see than pound for pound, dollar for dollar, any of Canons offerings can compete with the Sony. If money were no object, I would gladly buy the Sony and pair it with my beautiful Canon lenses and a metabones adaptor

So why not a 5d3 ? Well, too big, too heavy, sensor not nearly as nice as the Sony, video is OK (but H264, compressed, not as nice as the Blackmagic RAW or even Prores files), expensive, and now old tech. So where on the horizon is Canon looking to match these alternative offerings ? As far as I can see, never. There is not a hint of any innovation, smaller format cameras with FF sensors, 4K video, uncompressed video, or any of the features that are going to excite a photographer. It is just more of the same up to this point.

So why, may you ask, would any any photography web site bubble over with enthusiasm for supporting Canon, when in my eyes (a dyed in the wool Canon user of 30 duration) there seems to be no path forward for their range

And dont even start me on the compact range from Canon......

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