Some New Low Light Examples on the A77MkII

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Some New Low Light Examples on the A77MkII

So I finally figured out my 70-300G needed some adjustment to get things right (Thanks K E Hoffman and tbcass!) for your suggestions. It worked out perfectly. My 70-300G is now happy at +8 and seems to be nailing focus 100% of the time now.

So tonight I wanted to do my obligatory living room low light tests I've given every system I've owned thus far (of which many have failed and gone back to their store home). So far what I've been learning about having joined the 24mp realm vs. the lower rez camera realm is indeed as he stated. 100% on screen isn't what you will look at once you've posted it, printed it or viewed it full screen size. With this in mind what I'm finding is that there is so much latitude with the files generated by the MkII. Indeed I am noting that high ISO performance is quite remarkable in that I'm finding once the file has been appropriately processed and or resized to a livable level, it is repleat with detail and gone is most if not all of any noise inherent in the full pixel sized file.

It becomes almost a philosophy in and of itself, that being that if you don't consider what the picture will look like in a "real world" scenario it is easy to dismiss it's character. So I'm actually saying here I'm not even afraid of the Jpeg's out of camera at this point. Even those look great. So below I'll post some resized shots taken in rather lower light than what seems to be portrayed in these shots. The tonal range even in Jpeg is pretty astounding really. In some ways exceeding that which I experienced with the Fuji. I suspect the dynamic range is greater to begin with as there is just a clarity and punch that I've not seen to date anywhere else. So without further adeu....

This first one is at ISO3200 OOC Jpeg and is f2.8 with the kit lens. Ironically with the naked eye one could not even see this much at all with the light available. But in the shot it almost seems as if there was decent light, just a torchere on it's low setting about 18ft away. So it's amazing in itself to have this shot at all let alone relatively noise free and sharp detail.

The shot below is a crop of our grandfather clock ISO3200 f2.8 once again. I was astounded by the level of detail rendered in the enlarged file (click on it) and the utter lack of noise. I was under the impression that no matter what ISO3200 would be nasty. Well I guess NOT.

This one below is one of my standard tests I run in less than ideal living room light. The detail on this one is exceptional considering I sent a 6D and 24-105L back to my dealer friend who lent it to me back in January to try out and see what I thought. The wall texture detail was smudged out by the 6D. Not so here. The MkII nailed the white balance too which in itself is surprising. The color tones and detail are indeed excellent.

This shot below left NO doubt my 70-300 was focuing correctly. The sun had gone down below the mountain range to the West and this was sucking up what light there was. This was at ISO2000 and f7.1. I'm not insinuating it's a beautiful picture, BUT if you look at the larger version you can not only see some fine detail in trees but actually read the sign and phone number for the storage place left of center in the image, let alone the hospitals name and such. Keep in mind in the past including with the Fuji, trying to shoot this area was horrid as there was so much heat distortion off the ground (note the planting fields and such with plenty of haze). It was about 87 degrees when this shot was taken YET the definition of the windows on the Hospital are pretty darned clear and not terribly wavy as I'm used to seeing under these conditions. That LDS temple off in the center background pretty much NEVER looks that sharp unless there's been a rainstorm to clear the haze and there is no heat warp off the ground. This is one heck of a showing for that 70-300G lens let alone the resolving of the sensor.

Last but not least in my almost dark office and on a shelf was this box. I was sitting with the 16-50 f2.8 at 50mm about 15ft from the closet and this was 1/15th sec exposure to boot. ISO3200. It is by NO means elegant but I wanted to illustrate that OOC Jpegs aren't as horrid as some have said, and it's nothing short of astounding you can actually read the print. This is near darkness and that dang camera locked focus without a moment wasted, NO hunting even. So I guess I can say I'm pretty impressed. The Fuji X-T1 I had would lock focus after a hesitation but the print was not terribly readable. I also tried a Sony A6000 a few weeks ago and it flat out hunted and refused to focus on anything on this shelf.

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