I want more Sony primes to have OSS stabilization even if it makes then larger/heavier

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I want more Sony primes to have OSS stabilization even if it makes then larger/heavier

My Sony 10-18 has a constant f4.0 aperture and has OSS stabilization. That means most of Sony's primes, which lack OSS, when used in very low light, would perform worse than the f4.0 with stabilization. Similarly for the kit lens 16-50 which has OSS stablization.

It is claimed that OSS gives a 2-3 stop compensation, which equates to the 10-18 having an effective f1.4 to 2.0 aperture, at least in appreciating it's low light stability. That suggests that the zoom with OSS has better hand-holdability than the primes that lack OSS even those the primes have a 2.0 or 2.8 faster aperture.

I was exploring getting a Sony prime lens for my A6000, specifically for low light use, but was deterred since I don't see the non-OSS primes giving me an advantage in low light over the 10-18 f4.0 lens with OSS.

Sure, the lack of OSS allows those primes to be more compact and pancake-like, but I would prefer a little extra size and weight if these had OSS.

There are those who claim that ultrawide angle lenses do not need stabilization. I think they do. I benefit from OSS even with the 10-18 Sony. I used to use the Nikon 12-24 zoom, and hated the hand-held blur when shooting in low light. So it is not true that ultrawides don't benefit from OSS>

I want all Sony prime lenses to have OSS stabilization, even if it means adding some weight and size to the lens.
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I do not want Sony primes to have OSS stabilization because I value light weight over OSS
40.3% 29  votes
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