5D3 took a swim (halp)

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5D3 took a swim (halp)

I was doing a photoshoot, holding onto what was essentially a post in a wall as I stepped around a swimming pool. Pole came popping right out and sent me into the pool with my 5D3, 180mm F/3.5L and a 128 gig Lexar CF card and a 64 gig Sandisk microSD in an adaptor. I my back hit the bottom in a 4 foot deep swimming pool so it was not a trivial dunk. I did get it out very fast though.

CF card is fine.

microSD card is fine.

Lens is fine.

Shutter was firing by itself when the camera came out of the water. I pulled the battery immediately, and left it to dry for a while. When I put the battery back in the LCD was coming up as Error 30 so I sent it in to Canon Canada (CPS) for repair.

CPS sent me a repair estimate that said there was too much rust on the inside of the camera, that it was beyond repair, and enclosed an invoice for a new 5D3. Since it powered up and was able to diagnose itself at least to Error 30 I don't buy that it is a complete write off.

I told them to send it back to me disassembled and they did. Thing is they never really took it apart they just took off the case. There was some white residue on the inside which is probably left over from the water but there is no rust on anything. So I don't feel like they pulled the boards and tested to find out what needed replacing. Much easier to send me an invoice for a new camera. They didn't make any attempt to get it to work (no judgment there whether that is the right or wrong choice, just stating, they opened it up, had a look, then wrote me an invoice for a new camera).

At the same time I sent in an 85mm F/1.2L that the focusing ring had seized on. This had some exposure to water at some point but the seizing happened years after. They sent me back a repair estimate of $1,500 and said it needed a new USM motor. The thing is the lens autofocuses just fine so the motor I think must be fine. It's just the focusing ring is seized. So I was expecting them to take it apart and unjam the focusing ring.

Overall then my "repair bill" came to $5,000 and I just told them to do nothing.

I sent the two mated together. When Canon sent them back, I guess because I asked for the camera to be disassembled, they just stuck the lens in a plastic bag with the rear element exposed and packed it randomly with the camera. I was pretty surprised. Even if the lens is in need of repair there is no reason to expose the rear element to scratching during shipment and *further* repair.

Overall, it is feeling like it was not treated adequately so I am skeptical that this is something that should be thrown into the garbage as they imply.

I'm trying to figure out what my options are from here. Some photos of the irretrievably rusty interior of my 5D3 are attached. There's white residue in the bottom corner near where the clock battery goes. And a little bit in some other places but the boards look pretty untouched, and I think if they would have been absolutely unsalvageable then the unit would not power up at all? I say that as a question.

I'm looking for any suggestions to at least try to mitigate the financial damage. Sell it off like this, try with an alternate repair shop who will actually test it, whichever. I already bought a new camera based on Canon's response and it is en route.


Not sure if what I posted will be accessible on high res, so I put low and high res versions of the images here:


Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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