Olympus 75 for my EM-1 portraits or a Nikon 610 body with 85 1.8G?

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Olympus 75 for my EM-1 portraits or a Nikon 610 body with 85 1.8G?


Im extremely happy with my EM-1 and Olympus lenses (12-40 PRO Zoom and the 45 and 17 primes) for most of my shooting. But when it comes to portraits, something I enjoy the most to shoot, I would like to get a bit more Bokeh and nicer rendering in general, and I remember being more happy with the results I got with my Fuji XE-1 and 35 1.4 lens compared to my Olympus 45.

BUT only the image quality...the rest is so much better with the EM-1. I definitely don't want to go back to Fujis for several reasons, but I have started to think about the Olympus 75. (or even the voightlanders) Or actually add a new full frame body with just one portrait prime. So my main camera would still be the EM-1 for 80% of my shooting and the rest of the times I just change camera.

My thinking has been that in a few months, the nikon D610 will be cheap soo why not go for it instead of the Oly 75 when I want more Bookeh and image quality for portraits? I don't see the Oly 75 going down in price anytime soon. Sooner or later there will only be a few 100 dollars difference as the Nikon 85 is pretty cheap.

Soo my question is, how good is the 75 compared to the Nikon 85 1.8 G on a Nikon D610? Can it still compete? Bokeh is of course not everything so maybe the 75 is sharper or has other benefits? I do see its long range as a disadvantage, but I could work around it.

I would not go for the Panasonic Leica 42.5 as its to expensive. I really don't want to pay for image stabilization and aperture dial on the lens when I have no use of it on my EM-1 (Then I would just take a full frame body instead). The voightlanders seems very unsharp when shooting fully open and only manual focus so I don't see any point going for them.

I don't worry to much about low light shooting for portraits, just image quality like creamy Bookeh and center sharpness, little or no Chromatic Aberration. I don't mind some vignetting though. How does the Oly 75 compare to a full frame 85?

I can also add that I'm a Photo enthusiast but not a Pro. English is not my first language so please ignore my bad grammar and spelling errors.

Thanks a lot for all your input and feedback!

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