Could use some help picking my first decent camera..

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Could use some help picking my first decent camera..

Birthday's coming up and I'm thinking of taking my photography past $80 point & shoot levels.

I've done a good deal of research but I still can't decide on what to get, or at least what would better suite my needs. My budget is pretty much $300, but if I absolutely (this is really my upper limit) must spend more, I can probably do $350.

My main use of the camera will be macro photography (real macro and also regular close-ups), night-time/dawn/dusk/cloudy shots of the sky/streets/nature, and probably some shots of inanimate objects or still scenes (think an empty doorway, a car, stuff like that).

From what I've seen, my top choices seem to be the Canon T3, Nikon D3100, and Fujifilm X10.

Is there any camera that would top these for the money and for what I plan to do with it? If not, which one of these best suites me? I've never used a DSLR or mirriorless before, but you don't need to take ease of use into account. I'm after quality, and I'm confident that I can learn the interface quick enough.

Five more things to clarify:

Please don't say that the T3i or T2i are better choices. I know, and I don't have that kind of money.

I don't and won't have money for a non-kit lens for a long time. I can make do with a $5 filter for the macro shots.

Just wanted to repeat that I'm a beginner, but I can pickup the basics quickly. Please don't pick a camera based on how it feels in the hand or how easy it is to use the menu. I really just want to get the best photos I can out of what I have.

Also, I'd prefer a new camera but that won't happen with my budget unless I get the T3, so at least I'm looking for used with the body and lens coming together. I reeeeally don't want to order the two separately.

Finally, please don't reply if you just want to make a comment on my selection. I need help, not criticism like I got on other forums. And for those who are willing to help: sorry for being demanding. I (an almost 17 year old) have a lot of things going on right now and I'm just looking to solve my issues (I consider deciding on a birthday present an issue) quickly.

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