Sony Sel 16-70 Back down to £451 on Amazon

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Re: Sony Sel 16-70 Back down to £451 on Amazon

I'm not getting into politics here, but sales tax and the VAT is apples and oranges in the big scheme of things.

We don't have a VAT, but we spend a lot on health care because of our system. I know of several Americans who needed treatment while visiting England. One paid nothing and the other paid something like $50 for an exam, tests, and medicine.

In the end, we all pay. LOL

WalkaboutSean wrote:

dquangt wrote:

Price is because you aren't getting charged VAT since you are not in the country. Same if I ordered here in US. My total came to 406, which was just under $700 USD, but iI didn't order because I already have it.

The VAT is a killer tax that drives up the cost of just about everything.

Many people on these forums complain about American prices being lower than in the UK. A key reason for the massive price differences is the VAT (which thankfully the US does not have). I am an American currently traveling in Europe. I need to buy a replacement 16-50 kit lens for my NEX-6 but there's no way I am buying it here and paying these inflated prices.

If I lived in the UK or the EU. I think I'd start a movement to eliminate the VAT!

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