There is no good 50mm on Canon

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Re: There is no good 50mm on Canon

scorrpio wrote:

GregoryA wrote:

I am very happy with my Canon 50mm 1.4 from 1.4 up. I do have a good copy though.

Another thing about 50 f/1.4: It's front element moves a bit when focusing, and the lens cap attaches to it. The cap protrudes in front of the body, and when the lens is in the bag, it is all too easy to apply force to the focusing element. I think a lot of these lenses get the focusing skewed, pushed in, knocked out of alignment in a bag. Even bumping a camera against something when the lens is on it might cause a problem. When I saw this, I put on a hood - which attaches to the main body - and I never take it off. I store it in bag with hood on - in normal position. The hood protects the focusing element very well.

I do the same thing. Not really a big deal for a extra protection. The lens still is smal with the hood attached and does not take up much room in a bag.

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