On the search for a 2nd camera (perhaps MFT?)

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On the search for a 2nd camera (perhaps MFT?)


New user here, been reading the forum for a while now and finally decided to register.

I currently own a Canon 5D (original) with the following lenses:

  • Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
  • Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro USM

I use this setup mainly for product photography and portraits, no need to upgrade as I usually use it at home in a controlled environment.

I'm getting married in september after wich we're doing a (big) road trip in the western United States.
This raised the topic of buying a new camera at home as I'm not keen on taking the 5D with me on a trip like that, it's got too many cons for travel for me, namely:

  • The all too familiar dust problems and no weather sealing.
  • Size and weight.
  • Buying lenses for wildlife photography is too expensive (personal) and again adds to the weight...
  • No SD-cards, I really don't see myself spending a lot on CF cards I won't use anyway!
  • It doesn't film.
  • And just the old technology in general (no shooting from LCD screen, AF is a b*tch, ...)

I've been contemplating ditching the 5D and getting a 6D, that would be an overall big upgrade, though a few issues still remain:

  • Size and weight.
  • Buying lenses for wildlife photography is too expensive (personal) and again adds to the weight...
  • If I get something with good video I'd like to get some use out of it, but the moiré issues I've seen are honestly kinda ridiculous at that pricepoint.

So after pondering for another few days and reading around (on this forum and others) I decided that perhaps I'd be better off getting a dedicated recreational camera to use at home/parties/travel/...

Micro 4/3 seems like a logical choice nowadays because of the small form factor and availlable glass. (If you do not agree with me please let me know!)

What I'm looking for in this new camera:

  • Obviously good quality pics
  • WIFI so I can use the iphone/ipad to do familiy portraits where I'm actually in the portrait, in a comfortable manner.
  • Small form factor for travel. (Could be really nice with a pancake type lens I figure)
  • Weather sealing. (Again for travel)
  • EVF for bright light conditions.
  • In body stabilisation would be neat but I can go with a better lens. (or two :p)
  • Software extra's such as automatic panorama stitching or HDR are nice, I am a graphic designer and own photoshop so it's not an absolute requirement.
  • Great video, BUT, the thing about video is; I'd rather have a great still camera with no video at all than a mediocre still camera with mediocre video. If I can get a camera with great stills and great video that'd be great, but the truth is I probably won't have a lot of time to do video so it's not worth paying double.

So yeah, basically I'm looking for the perfect camera for the perfect price.
What is that price you say?! It's anywhere from zero to whatever I can convince my s/o about.
Just know that something like the Panasonic GH4 (wich I considered for a moment) is getting a bit too expensive, especially because I'll probably go with two lenses.

A few camera's that look great are the Olympus OM-D series or something different from Panasonic. I'm just not really at home with these new camera's and would very much appreciate some solid advice.

Long first post, thank you for taking the time!

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