CCD vs CMOS: better color and more film like look (PROOF)

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Re: CCD vs CMOS: better color and more film like look (PROOF)

The_Suede wrote:

1) Is there a difference in CCD vs CMOS processes that adds/removes certain pigment types from the choice of available CFA solutions?

2) Is there any kind of difference in manufacturing method that inherently changes the spectral response of the sensor - within the filtered, visible band?

1.  If there is any difference, it is just CFA materials evolution as well as specification evolution. (Adjusting centers, width, height of absorption spectra, etc. on purpose).  In fact, this definitely changes on regular basis. There is not much inherent in the silicon process except #2.

2.  Absorption thickness may be different between CCDs and CMOS pixels (affecting mostly the red-end) but other than that, silicon is silicon. The CCDs might also have a slightly worse blue-end response. This is due to any dead-zone at the front surface.

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