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JOHN wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

JOHN wrote:

Hi Joe,

Having looked at your Video my Carts are not the same as yours.

I have fill hole, vent hole right next to it .

On the other end of cart I have orange cap you take of so cart can breath.

I have the primer hole with bung which when you look into it has a small spring mechanism inside.

When you try to draw ink though the primer hole you get nothing at all .

Any ideas on this .

Regards Jonathan

In the video I explained that I modified my carts so I can refill them while still in the printer. Thus the NEW hole on the top front corner. Otherwise they are the same. All the 80 ml refillables are pretty much identical regardless of who sells them. The only differences are in the controller chips and how they operate to either reset the ink levels or keep constantly full.

See my photo. Please tell me how your are different, other than the top fill modification I performed.


Hi Joe,

Mine are the same BUT I still can not prime them for some reason.

Only difference is the filler whole you have put in .

Last night I refilled all tanks with supplied ink except PHOTO BLACK which I already had from previous order and nozzle check is not good on the PHOTO BACK 50% lines missing, is it possible faulty cart? and theirs a air leak or something?

Did you remove the orange vent plug while priming? If you do not you can not prime as all you'll be doing is creating a vacuum.

Is their something wrong in the way I'm priming the cart watched your video on this '


Thanks Jonathan.

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