Do you own a film camera? Film-look vs Digital

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Still looks different

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I am currently analysing the 2013 version of the film "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" directed by Ben Stiller for my assignment. I was watching the behind the scene clips on YouTube and noticed that the Arri cameras they were using had film stocks attached to them. My quick research revealed that Ben Stiller did actually shoot the entire movie on film. I also found an article where Stiller talks about the reason why he shot on film.

“I shot the movie on film,” says Stiller on the phone from New York. “I don’t really like digital. What always strikes me, when you go to the postproduction process in the labs, is that what they’re trying to do with digital is simulate film anyway. I get it, why people want to shoot digital in terms of costs, but I’m old-fashioned.”

I think Stiller makes a good point in that a lot of times film-makers spend tremendous amount time and money trying to replicate the film-look in post-production.

I'm not sure that's true. Think about it - at some point, it gets scanned/digitized. When it gets scanned, it loses another stop or two of dynamic range and some contrast.

Even scans looks different from digital. There is a different feel and look that is retained.

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