Tamron 150-600mm: why such high ISOs and shutter speeds compared to 80-400 and 100/400?

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Tamron 150-600mm: why such high ISOs and shutter speeds compared to 80-400 and 100/400?

I have been deliberating between this lens and the Nikon 80-400mm AF-S. For the Tamron, I am seeing very high ISOs used for even daylight shots. Many reviews also mention that high ISOs have to be used with this lens.

Why such high figures?

So many people shoot with f/4.5 - f/5.6 lenses from Canon and Nikon. I recently went on a long safari trip with the new Nikon 80-400mm AF-S. That is f/5.6 at 400mm. Before that I have shot with the 70-300VR, which is again f/5.6. Slow, yes. But so many folks use the Nikon and Canon f/4.5 - f/5.6 and do take good shots of wildlife. All my 500px (see signature link) shots were taken with a 'slow' lens. What makes usable ISO and shutter speed figures for Tamron go up so much?


1. Are people comparing with the fast primes or f/4 200-400mm when they keep talking about the need to use high ISOs?

2. Are people not confident of shooting this lens at slower shutter speeds? What happened to practicing good techniques for handholding?

3. Does the extra 200mm of reach make such a big difference in terms of handholdability? The Tamron is supposed to have pretty good VC, at par with that of the Nikon 80-400 AF-S.

4. Are people stopping down too much to negate the 'soft when wide open' aspect at longer focal lengths?

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