Update: Nikon 70-200 VR II "Dust"/Peeling Thread Issue - 5 years later

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Update: Nikon 70-200 VR II "Dust"/Peeling Thread Issue - 5 years later

Dear all,

I forget when the 70-200 VRII was released, but its probably just at the end of the 5-year warranty period for most of the early adopters (if not, just past it). I'm curious about how Nikon has treated the 70-200 VRII dust/broken bands issue reported on this site, and numerous other sites like NikonRumors:


Did Nikon take care of you?

I was one of those who bought this in 2009 and dismissed the "dust" issues, but ended up returning a copy that was very dusty, and settling on a fairly clean copy. That being said, almost 5 years later, my 70-200 VRII has developed focusing problems -- its making loud screeching noises from the front of the lens (where the "thread peeling" can be seen in images if you research this issue).

I'm wondering, and perhaps giving a warning, that as your 5-year warranty comes up, to take a close look at your 70-200 VRII and see if your copy didn't get worse. And to play around with it, if you haven't in a while, to make sure its functioning as you will need it to. At least SOME Nikon repair shops ackowledged the problem -- though I'm not sure if Nikon did formally (I doubt it).

I'll be sending mine into the shop to make sure the screeching stops and to hopefully prevent any catastrophic failure. But I'm just curious what your experiences are.

And did Nikon ever acknowledge or officially fix this issue?

They do have a tendency to NOT fix things -- for example, the 28/1.4D, hugely expensive lens, had a plastic M/A band that breaks all the time. They keep replacing them with cheap plastic bands. They never made a metal or stronger band replacement. So they keep breaking. Even today, Nikon still replaces it with those cheap bands that break all the time. Very weird.

How is your 70-200 doing?

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