C&C: Iceland Waterfall in B&W (w/ E-M1)

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Re: C&C: Iceland Waterfall in B&W (w/ E-M1)

biza43 wrote:

A few more thoughts:

1. The composition is a bit too centred, the fall is almost in the middle, both vertically and horizontally;

2. This leads to the water exiting the photo on the side on the left, which is odd. This leaves the bottom right hand side empty of interest, with just a few small boulders/rocks.

3. The original is too bland, with many light areas competing for visual interest, really there is no anchor point.

4. the second interpretation is somewhat better, as the falls brightness has less competition from other elements. But the somewhat poor composition remains. Not knowing the area, I can not offer other alternatives.

5. In the end, this photo appears to me as a normal wide angle composition, showing too much, and in the end not really grabbing the attention for long. If this were exhibited in a print somewhere, I would pass it by, look at it for a few seconds, and just move on.

I definitely struggled with the foreground but I couldn't get any closer without the camera getting drenched, and I didn't want to zoom and lose the mountains to the left and right of the falls. I did try cropping the picture several ways but in the end, it never yielded a better result. At least not to me. I would agree that it's not a perfect image, not by a mile, but for the limitations I had I haven't figured out how to make it significantly better. Next time I will bring rubber boots so I can stand in the river while I take the shot  Actually that's not a joke, it may have represented the best angle

Not sure I totally understand the rule of thirds issue, as the foreground is 1/3 of the image, the falls/mountains another 1/3, and the sky the remaining 1/3.  Also, the top right corner of the falls is the intersection point of a vertical and horizontal 1/3 line so the top of the falls is at a horizontal third and the right side of the falls follows a vertical third. Unless you mean I should have put the center of the falls on a third line, but I tried that via cropping and it didn't seem to work.

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