Li-Ion batteries - fully discharge or not?

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TrapperJohn wrote:

I developed the computer control system for a Li-Ion assembly line, so I got some very in depth

That is good information to have.

I have learnt to avoid general purpose USB 5 Volt 'chargers' (car battery or mains fed). They are 5 Volt SUPPLIES! I realised that when my Olympus SZ-30MR commands such a 'charger' to turn off, it does not. The camera then reported overheating when trying to turn it on, and shut down again. On two occasions the crow-bar circuit tripped in the battery itself, so the camera would not turn on (removing and re-inserting the battery cleared the problem).

I do own a third party charger together with third party batteries, and I have done run-down tests with them (taking HD720p videos). The third party batteries have a higher capacity printed on the label, and lasted almost, but not quite, as long as the Olympus brand battery. However, I also had an Olympus brand battery that did not charge to full capacity from new, and it died pre-maturely.

Your article suggests I repeat my run-down tests on all the batteries I have, since I expect them to record our (Morris dance) performances to completion.


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