Polarizer for indoor real estate photography?

Started Jul 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Polarizer for indoor real estate photography?

intheswim wrote:

any comments on circular polarizers for indoor real estate photography?

I had a c polarizer on for the shot below by accident, then i took it off and took the shot again at a lower iso b/c it was hand held. later when reviewing the shots i noticed the one with the polarizer showed less reflections in the room. So then I thought to ask in the forums if it's common to use it improve indoor real estate photography.

The only reason why the reflections look less obvious is because the image is darker. The reflections don't seem that obtrusive in the image without the polarizer.

I notice that your aperture is set to f2.8. You've probably done so to maximize shutter speed and lower ISO. Main problem is that you won't get elements in the room in sharp focus. Tripod use is preferable, so that you can close down the aperture and use a slower shutter speed (assuming that the lighting is fine to begin with). A wide angle lens is also preferable for indoor room shots.

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