Is the 5dmk3 the perfect camera?

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Re: Is the 5dmk3 the perfect camera?

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I have been shooting the 5D III side by side with the D800E for over a year now. The one thing I really don't like about the D800(E) is shooting in live view where the camera basically freezes until the buffer is written to the card(s). I hope the D810 has solved this problem alongside the EFC that is now there.

The D800E has slightly higher resolution and a better DR by a good margin. But I can almost always get the shots I want with the Canon system. I would like the banding to go away in the shadows although only sometimes a problem which can be solved with HDR merges (< 1% of my shots)

yeah me too running two systems and agree I can "almost always get the shots" (in landscape shooting regarding the DR) with my 1DS3 but it was just so much easier with my D800E, I still use GND filters on both but with D800E I did a lot less PP work, and I mainly shoot in those high DR scene during sunrise sunset and with dark foreground shadows, and the shadow from the D800E is just day and night cleaner than my 1DS3 and the 5D3, But well, the's a pain with the D800E, I mean a real pain, not only the camera freeze when writing files to card, the whole implementation is just a joke, try using it at night to shoot Milky way and Stars.....I will pay some big $$$ on a camera with same sensor but with the Canon LV implemetation, hope that 810 is the one, but I doubt it, they just don't have a clue about this LV thing.

It'd need to build another set of Nikon lenses for Canon photographers opt dual systems of Canon and Nikon that will be costly and extra burden to lug around. If you are mainly for landscape and studio work, A7R is a great option that allows you to share one set of lenses and you still can use all other DSLR/SLR lenses. A7R LV (as good as 5D3) and EVF (most useful in landscape) are excellent. Many Canon professionals and enthusiasts have A7R now and it delivers similar IQ as D800E and should D810 as well.

Come on with your compressed 12-bit raws

This is another overexaggerated and beaten-to-death argument.

In reality as DPR review summarized well, it's not an issue at least in my usage as I yet have found an issue. My experience and opinion are the same as DPR review said (Sony should give such option, guess easy thru a FW update).

Sony compresses its Raw files in a lossy and non-optional manner, which raises some concerns about a camera so likely to be bought by demanding Raw shooters. We wish Sony allowed users to save an uncompressed and un-suppressed Raw file, but we didn't encounter the theoretical limitations imposed by Sony's methods to the extent that we found it to be a problem.

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