X100s Graduation day...

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Re: X100s Graduation day...

ryan2007 wrote:

Activatedfx wrote:

I cannot believe the comments to this post. The OP never asked for C&C. These are just family snaps, not photos destined for a gallery exhibition. The comments about sharpness are totally off - the 1st image is perfectly focused on the girl's face, the group shot looks focused and, in the last one, the two people are BOTH in focus. Are we talking about the BACKGROUND being out of focus in these? Or has the notion of "sharpness" taken on a whole new meaning?

BTW, to the OP, great shots and congratulations on your gorgeous graduates!! Shoot images the way YOU want to, and don't be swayed or discouraged by the silly comments on DPR.

Once you post a picture you open yourself for comment. Their are no DPREVIEW rules that say only comment if someone asks. It is constructive and if you like to have a "Yes Man" for everything you do that is beyond silly.

If everyone thinks an out of focus image looks good then give me a $1,000 of the $1,300 that the X100s costs and buy yourself a p&s camera where they have made everything easy to use that all you have to do is wait for the green light.

If you think it so important to post images of your life and whatever and wherever you go and then feel insecure then don't post images that the Entire World Can See!

The shots are fine, the technical execution is not.

All you have to do is set the aperture to f 8 and leave the shutter in auto. Do a Focus Lock and recompose, which btw you should do even with a p&s camera.


use the reciprocal shutter speed rule if you can't hand hold the camera steady enough.

This is photography 101 stuff.

But the images ARE SHARP! What the heck do you want? Why use a camera with an f/2 lens if only to set it at f/8. Such RIDICULOUS, narrow-minded comments. (And they are not MY images. Check the OP before you rant.)

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