X-S1 - why no mention as contender to FZ1000

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Re: X-S1 - why no mention as contender to FZ1000

Many thanks to all those who gave replies which have been very informative. I have been swapping cameras like shirts for years, finding niggling issues with many of them but I recently bought a Sony RX100 and am delighted with the IQ, size, and ease of use. I believe it will remain my compact camera for some time.

Along with a compact, for some time I had an FZ150 for when more reach was needed, and found it very good until I treated myself to a 23" monitor and became more aware of noise even at base ISO in the FZ150. Like many I am intrigued by the FZ1000 and was within a hair's breadth of pre-ordering one but was put off by early reports of soft output at 400mm and inconsistent edge performance compared to the RX10.

In my quest for an FZ150 replacement I saw the X-S1 image on Flickr which set me thinking but with the information provided I have discounted this as a contender. In the end I am going to wait a year and see how the FZ1000 performs, and have today ordered a Nikon D3300 because of its light weight and allegedly excellent kit lens, along with a 55-200mm VR.

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