Topaz Remask 4

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Re: Topaz Remask 4

Ralph Ramirez wrote:

Ralph Ramirez wrote:

Ralph Ramirez wrote:

MPrince wrote:

I got the email but haven't had a chance to download it yet. Anyone know if there's any improvement in masking hair?

I got the email and it installed easily. I have been playing with it on masking hair. I can't see any difference but as always new techniques on how it is used are introduced so perhaps that is coming.....Ralph

I did see one big improvement, you can now save your tri-mask and load it for further edits. There is also an edge shift that is new and may be helpful. I'm sorry I forgot to mention this before......Ralph

Must be that kind of morning, Remask3 also allowed saving your tri-mask. Another senior moment, sorry......Ralph

Thanks, Ralph. I had no idea tri-masks could be saved. Hopefully I'll have time this week to d/l ReMask 4 and play around with it.

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