What's the quality that gives some lenses (like Minolta G) a "3D" look?

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Re: What's the quality that gives some lenses (like Minolta G) a "3D" look?

arie wrote:

There have been a lot of people who comment that some lenses produce images that have a 3 dimensional look, or at least no "flat" looking. Most notable are the older Minolta G lenses, an the CZ lenses.

Does this have to do more with the coatings on the lens or something else?

Use of short DOF also produces a more dynamic image, but there seems to be something more to it.

You are right. It is more than just separation and pop. It has more to do with brain games. The way the subject blends into the background, yet there is the effect of separation. This is what makes these pictures intriguing. One more reason why as much as I like newer lenses, they are very clinical in nature. They separate every detail too clearly leaving nothing for your brain to interpret, and makes them perfect, and boring.

example from flickr:

Fuchsroter Fleck by timtrevlig, on Flickr

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