White Balance issues on 5D MKIII

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Re: White Balance issues on 5D MKIII


I use 5D MK III only for video, i have the same problem with manual custom whitebalance with a greycard.

The Video has a yellow color cast (skintone)

How did you colo tweak it in your camera? Or in Editing?

Thanks for your help

Matthew C. Abourezk wrote:

Hi all,

Been shooting on Canon for a gazillion years. I've owned the 5D MKII since it hit the market, and recently I bought the MKIII.

The MKIII seems to have a white balance issue. Despite my best efforts, the image always has a notable, though subtle yellow tinge. This is not the "Warm" look that canon is known for... this is a yellow bias that makes skin look unhealthy. It even shows up in video. Recently I shot an interview with Ron Howard and the edit house complained that he looked jaundiced.

If I shoot something that is gold in color (like jewelry), the color almost looks cartoonish.

It doesn't matter what the light source or color is, doesn't matter if I am using AWB, WB Presets, or manually setting the WB using a grey card.

I'm shooting with a Neutral preset.

I have included two screenshots from a video I was recently shooting. You can see how unpleasant and yellow the image looks (including the 18% grey background), then see the difference with a little color tweaking.

Any thoughts?



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