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Monumental Quattro

As part of my brief trip to Page, AZ (posted links before) we drove through Monument Valley on the way, and stayed an afternoon, evening and morning on the way back.

Monument Valley is very impressive as you might expect, but also not a great place to just come to un-prepared. We had booked lodging at one of the two major choices there, Gouldings, so that was great even though it does not have the View of... The View (the other hotel, operated by the Navajo).

What I had not really done is looked to find guides - I usually prefer to drive through a place on a first visit and figure out what I care to see enough to come back with special access a guide affords. But in Monument Valley that does not work well, you cannot drive anything but a high-clearance vehicle through monument valley itself and otherwise you must use guides.

All of the most popular guides were of course booked by the time we got there, but by sheer chance I was able to book a guide to take me out immediately to a place Rick Decker had told me about - Teardrop Arch. In the end it was by far my favorite part of the trip and I even got to drive my MINI Countryman (because the guide had already sent all of his other vehicles out for the day) through a half mile of very deep sand which was an awesome experience by itself as a fan of Rally driving.

Moral of the story is - if you plan to go don't forget to reserve a guide along with your hotel reservation. And if you are driving through sand, do not forget to turn off traction control...

The guide I used for some odd reason does not even mention guiding on his website for the place (he also runs a campground there), but he has a fully equipped truck just like all the other guides:

I recommend him, though he's not a photographer as some of the other guides are.

Anyway, enough with the jabbering and on with some photos!

The set is here:

(note there are a few non-Quattro images in there also)

And some selected images:

Tear of the Valley

Path of the Desert

Guardians of the Valley

Get Your Mitts On This

Tear of the Ancients

Vestiges (with moon!)


Gouldings Sunrise - as seen from hotel balcony

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