July 2014 Super Moon

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Tonight is another Super Moon of this year, was waited to make this shot happen, felt very lucky. Used Canon 300mm 2.8 + 2x, mounted on Sony A7 body with Metabones III, f5.6, 1/400, iso400.

Hate to be skeptical, but the image of the plane appears to be superimposed on the image of the moon. Nice anyhow.

There always one negative person that just can't resist.

Amazing picture!

It's rather obviously a composite, albeit an interesting one. There is no exif data included, but to get an airplane at that focal length without motion blur would obviously take a very fast exposure. Doubtful 1/400 would do it. Let the OP respond.

How would you explain the engine exhaust then? I doubt any post production pro could replicate that.

I think it's doable at 1/400th second but pitiable even faster shutter speed was used.

The OP says his his FL is effective 600mm and his shutter speed is 1/400. He'd have to be on a tripod obviously for the moon shot and, having shot at that focal length, I just can't believe he could freeze a plane's motion, even at a distance using that shutter speed and focal length. Let's take a look at the full exif data if he will provide it. In addition, even at 600mm, the moon is almost certainly cropped.  Why is the OP silent?

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