Buying an older DX body...A good idea?

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Re: Buying an older DX body...A good idea?

PhotographyExplorer8321 wrote:

After looking over several camera bodies, I noticed a few deals on older bodies such as the D90 or even D60. Would such a body be a good buy even with its older specs? Any advice if this is feasible on buying lenses that would be compatible with future bodies? (ie avoiding lenses incompatible with current or future models such as D5300).

You should always throw out how much money you have to spend. If you have at least $350 to $400, I suggest you start at the D90. My brother shot D200 for years and with some post processing he had some amazing photos, but the PP did get to be a drag for him ( he now shoots D600 ) Around $400 to $500 you should be able to pick up a D300 - a little more pro body than a D90, but similar or equal image quality. In the $500 to $600 range you should be able to pick up a D7000 - more dynamic range, slightly higher MP, slightly better image quality. AF is probably not considered as good as the D300/s, but whether that impacts you will depend on what you shoot. Personally, I would not go back any further than a D90.

I have owned D300, D300s, D7000 and had a D90 for a brief period sometime after the D300/s. I think the best bang for the buck would be the D90. Depending on where you live or if you're buying from Ebay you may be able to squeeze a better deal than the numbers I've listed above. I'm in Toronto with about 5-6 million people, so I could probably shave some money off the above prices with a little looking. YMMV.

For what it's worth I currently have D7100, D700, D800e and a D4. But if budget was tight or I just didn't want to outlay too much money, between the D200, D300, D90 and D7000, I'd probably take the D90. While I've primarily shot the "pro" bodies, that would still be my choice.

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