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en792 wrote:

Some of you can continue to apply lipstick to that pig. I for one am in the process of paring my >1TB Aperture library down, researching the best way to move my RAW, jpeg (yes, I know they have to be "baked" to move) and tiff edits to LR5. I'm watching the George Jardine Library video and have watched some of Julieanne Kost's stuff on youtube. Find that, while I don't like the DAM, there is a lot more that's similar and the editing improvements, such as lens correction, make me actually look forward to the day when I'm as proficient at LR as I am with Aperture.

thing is if it continues to work for someone then there is no reason to drop aperture for anything else. Julianne's videos are nice. That's the nice thing about Adobe's products in that there are so many tutorials from Adobe and elsewhere for their products.

I would miss the simple brightness control of Aperture if I were you. Hate that something so basic is missing in Lightroom.

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