Buying an older DX body...A good idea?

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Re: The older DX machines can be a great buy..

I might have different sense of time for these things but the way i see it is that D90 was a killer camera just a 'moment' ago (actually a few years, given that only the wealthy ones buy it the day it comes out) and everyone was reading reviews and salivating, putting money on the side for it. Few years fast forward people are making fun of it like it is some vintage technology. D90 isn't old or bad cam, it's the Nikon that pushed new models earlier than it should for sole profit and people nowdays are hooked on that spending market model (enthusiasts like us, not pros that live of it and don't care about anything but getting the job done the easiest and fastest way).

Everyday there are threads here like "oh should I buy this few years old body, it can't shoot at ISO-1000000, won't anyone laugh at me and my photos?" or the threads "look my vintage D7000 still has some life in it, look at the photos, don't you think the old girl is still keeping up, i'm sorry I don't have D4 i promise to upgrade next month, then i'll come to show you the best photos ever".

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