Quick Advice on Sony 70-400 or Sigma 50-500

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Re: Quick Advice on Sony 70-400 or Sigma 50-500

BrokenPine wrote:

Hey guys! I just ordered a Sony a7s and some other lenses to go along with what I have for my a99 and a77 to help with some hunts I am going to be filming this fall. I have to make a purchase order this week for a few more things and one of them needs to be a long range zoom lens for the shows I am filming. Since I sold my dedicated video camera to go with all-DSLR filming, I need to get a good zoom lens for the hunts themselves, and for wildlife. All B-roll will be off of other lenses.

Here is where I am torn: The Sony 70-400mm G lens is supposed to be one of the best lenses Sony offers, or at least that's what I have read, and it provides excellent sharpness. Plus, it should feel similar to my 70-200mm lens. However, the Sigma 50-500mm is $5-600 cheaper and is wider at 50, which would be great for getting the hunter in frame while in the stand, and easier than the 70 would be. Plus, it can reach just a tad farther, which combined with the internal crop modes, should be a long way.

So, my question is, is the 50-500mm close in image quality to the 70-400mm, or is the extra money and loss of range on both ends worth it? By the way, I will not only be using them for video, but also for wildlife pics.


The 70-400G2 has the SSM2 motor and is very fast to AF.  It is almost silent for AF videoing (you have to be in a quiet environment to hear it).  It is fully compatible with the A99 hybrid AF and future A99II features.  It should be sharp at 400mm f5.6.

No brainer.

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